Adam Storm

Muscle and Tattooed Thug with a heart of not quite coal


Adam Storm

Muscle and Ultimate Badass

Abilities (95pts)
Body: 5d
Coordination: 4d
Sense: 2d
Mind: 2d
Command: 4d
Charm: 2d

Base Will 6

Skills (31pts)
Ultimate Badass 3d (BFI)
Mixed Martial Arts 1ed (BF)
Guns 1d (B)
Intimidating Tattoos 1d
Drive 1d
Athletic Frame 3d (BF)

Make Cultists Pay 4
Life is Hard, I’m Harder 2

Double Edged Sword 8d (24 pts; 3pts per die)

Attacks (Demonic Harm) +1
• Attacks Extras and Flaws: Variable Effect +4, If/Then (only for Variable Effect, only for demonic violence upon the physical world) -2, Direct Feed -2, Uncontrollable -2. Capacity: Varies.
Defends (Demonic Protection) +1
• Defends Extras and Flaws: Variable Effect +4, If/Then (only for Variable Effect, only for demonic protection from the physical world) -2, Direct Feed -2, Uncontrollable -2. Capacity: Varies.
*Useful (Demonic Manipulation & Influence) +1 *
• Useful Extras and Flaws: Variable Effect +4, If/Then (only for Variable Effect, only for demonic influence of the physical world) -2, Direct Feed -2, Uncontrollable -2. Capacity: Varies.

Effect: Adam can choose to let the demon inside him act, but has no control over what it may do in a situation. The demon rolls 8d for any attack, defense or useful action it desires when freed. Adam loses will equal to the width of the demon’s success. If Adam drops to 0 will, the demon will seize control for width days.


Name: Adam Storm
Status: Wanted Fugitive
Active Reward(s): $25,000 alive, $10,000 dead.
Threat level: High (armed and dangerous)

Whereabouts: Unknown
Last known location: Dangun Spaceport, dock 17, reported to have boarded the Xiang Tsu on January 27, 2518 at around 07:25.

DOB: Unknown (approximately 30 years old)
Origin: Unknown
Relatives: Angelina Salvatore (adoptive mother)
Distinctive signs: Tattoos: face and arms, tribal patterns; back and chest, dragon.

Summary of current situation:

Adam Storm was arrested on November 13, 2517 for the murder of 5 Slum bosses in the Meadows/Spaceport district also known as The Five. Pleaded guilty and was sentenced to death on December 4, 2517. He was incarcerated in Paô Ming high security facility where he was to be executed on January 27, 2518. He escaped detention between 22:10 on January 26 and 04:45 on January 27. Search warrant is active and has been broadcasted to affiliated law enforcement organizations and Alliance HQ.

Criminal Record:

12/04/2517: Sentenced to death on account of five un-premeditated homicides.
11/13/2517: Incarcerated by Dangun Moon Police Department as the suspect of five homicides.
05/10/2513: Incarcerated by Dangun Moon Police Department for human trafficking, released on bail on 05/12/2413.
08/22/2512: Incarcerated by Dangun Moon Police Department for drug trafficking, released on bail on 09/02/2512.
02/14/2510: Incarcerated by Dangun Moon Police Department for causing serious injury. Released on 05/15/2510 after purging one third of his sentence.

Interview notes: Agents Ming and Stanford questioning Adam Storm November 14, 2517, 09:15.

M. - Are you Adam Storm?
AS. – no reply.
M. – Are you Adam Storm?
AS. – Fuck you.
M. – Mr. Storm, it is in your best interest to cooperate.
AS. – Whatever.
M. – Mr. Storm, I have to note here that you have been offered the services of a lawyer but you have declined. You understand that anything you say here could be held against you in court.
AS. – Hmm
M. – Mr. Storm, you are accused of the multiple homicides of Wang Chan, Brian Billick, Crystos Baal, Devito Bobs and Maximus Peppers. Did you in fact kill these individuals?
AS – Damn Fuckin right I did. Fuckin cultist bitches, devil butt lickers, fuck ‘em.

Interview notes: Agent Ming questioning Regis Badland November 12, 2517, 14:50

M. – Please state your name and occupation
RB. – The Redj.
M. – Please state your complete name and occupation.
RB. – Regis Badland, un-employed, look I don’t have all day here, what the fuck is it you want?
M. – Mr. Badland, you were identified on a security camera recording running away from the scene of a multiple homicide at 23:54 yesterday. Anything you’d like to share with us about that?
RB. – Oh fuck, what is this? Do I need a fucking lawyer?
M. – You may, or you may not, depending on your level of cooperation. We know you are involved with The Five and do work for them but right now we have nothing on you, and we also know you would never have had the balls of killing them all but we think you might know something about what actually happened last night at the Spaceport Crown Plaza Hotel.
RB. – Look, you don’t know who you’re dealing with here, if he only knows that I spoke with you guys, I’m in a world of shit.
M. – I can guarantee to you that this conversation will remain completely confidential. It is also my understanding that you would be a lot better off if that someone were behind bars before he caught up with you.
RB. – Right… The name is Adam Storm. I’m sure you heard about him.
M. – We might, but first tell us about the killings.
RB. – Alright, fuck it, I’ll tell you everything but you let me go after.
M. – I can’t make promises but we usually reward those who cooperate with the Department.
RB. – He’s fuckin nuts man, he’s lost it completely this time. Like I knew he had issues with this kind of stuff, cultists and devil worshipers and shit like that, because of his past, but I never thought he could loose it like that, not this guy. Fuck, he’s been running his corner with an iron fist for over two years now, a real pro, he was gonna go up in the world. See, yesterday was supposed to be his big day ya see. He had been invited by the Five for this ceremony of some sort where he was going to become a made man. I went with him see, cuz I do stuff for him sometimes, all legal right, and he likes me, well, that’s as much as he can like anyone I mean. So anyways we go in, that’s at the Crown Plaza as you know, in one of their meeting rooms in the basement. Before we go in the main room, an aid tells us to strip bare chest and blows some sort of fumes over us. I thought it was kinda weird, unusual you see, but then I don’t go and meet The Five all that often, right. Storm is grinding his teeth, he’s never been big on ceremonial bull shit like that. But I don’t give a shit myself. So, then we actually go in the room. The Five are there, sitting on the floor, each at the end of the five tips of a star drawn on the floor. You know like the ones these cultist nut jobs like so much, like super fuckin cheesy, anyways. It’s dark, there are candles everywhere and the place just stinks, like a fuckin pukish stench. Storm looks at me, I can tell he’s pissed right out and that’s never a good thing. He sends me to the corner of the room with a nod and then moves towards The Five. That’s when I realize there’s a naked chick lying on the floor right in the middle of everyone. She seems to be sleeping and there’s a big ass knife resting on her chest. Then Baal starts talking to Storm, I pick up some weird shit here and there, definitely some sort of cultist mumbo jumbo. Storm doesn’t say a word, he’s just standing there in the middle right next to the chick but I know something is not right and I’m think “Oh fucking Lord, why the hell did I come in here?” And that’s when all the shit exploded. At that point, Baal told Storm to pick up the knife and from what I could get they ask him to cut the chick open and what not. And The Five started chanting and shit and it was all just getting really fuckin weird. But like I said, Storm isn’t too too happy about the whole cultist theatrics bull shit that’s unfolding, you can tell he was not prepared. I mean he’s killed more than a few people and would have killed this one chick without a second thought if he needed to, and I was sure he would, considering the big advancement he was getting out of it.

M. – Keep going.
RB. – But instead, he starts yelling at them, calling them cultist bitches and shit like that, then it’s weird because The Five kept chanting and all but you could see them looking at each other wondering what the hell was up with Storm. Like no one talks like that to The Five, like they’re mean mother fuckers and you can get dropped for a lot less than that and Storm knew it as well as me. So, then he jumps over the chick with the knife in his hand and just cuts Baal open from ear to ear. The chanting stops then of course and the other four start getting up but Storm pulls out a gun from his ass and starts dropping them one by one, one bullet each, boom, boom, boom, boom, the whole thing takes like ten seconds. I’m fucking paralysed in my little dark corner of the room. I think he’s gonna drop me next, but then the door at the other end of the room pops open, gun shots and everything, I make myself as small as I can, I’m fucking terrorized man. Few minutes later, I’m running for my life, managed to get out of the Crown and went right home. That’s where you guys found me. And that’s what happened at the Crown last night.

M. – Thank you Mr. Badland, that is all we are going to need from you today, you can go now.

Adam Storm

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