Supernatural Serenity – The Intro

Serenity (the Firefly RPG)with a horror twist. The basic premise is that you guys would be ships crew / family on a rather unique vessel captained by Jessup Crane, a supernatural hunter. The captain is obsessed with hunting the spirits and creatures that fled Earth-which-was along with the colonists and continue to feed off the blood, flesh and fears of the rough colonists out in the black. The Alliance doesn’t believe in ghosts, vampires and demons and wouldn’t care about the frontier planets even if they did. Jessup does.

o The regular Firefly ‘Verse exists, but through a darker mirror.The events of the Serenity movie did not happen.Reavers really are men who really have been driven mad by primeval forces at the edge of space.Ghosts, demons and stranger beasts prey on the isolated and forgotten colonies of the ‘Verse.

o Your characters would be children and people who have encountered and/or suffered at the hands of the supernatural first hand (orphans, vengeful survivors, etc) and who have joined the crew.

o Any age or character type is good but you need to figure out what your encounter was and what you lost. Pretty much everyone will be screwed up in one way or another.

o You are part of a brotherhood – tied to the rest of the crew by the terrors that you face together and because alone you are lost. You will be defined by your humanity in the face of horror and your relationships to the rest of the crew.

o The game is about survival. Live in the black is dangerous and dark – no-one in your trade grows old or dies quietly.

Supernatural Serenity